Dog Training Services

Dog Training Services

Basic training for your new puppy or adult dog

- Door Manners
- Coming when called
-Therapy Dog Training
- Leash Walking Manners
- Car Manners
- Sit next to owner and at distance
- How to Play with Your Dog
- Hand Signals Only

DogStar Training also offers 1 hour seminars on a variety of topics. The seminars are offered once a month and some of the topics include:

  • Loose Leash Walking
  • How to greet and be around other dogs
  • Puppy Bowl Games (not just for puppies)
  • Teaching Hand Signals

Preregistration is required and seminars may be held outdoors weather permitting. Check the class schedule tab for which seminar will offered for the current month other titles may be added.



See below for the classes we offer!

Does your dog reliably come when you call? Would you like to have a dog that would turn away from anything and come quickly when you want?

Then join CLICK & COME class. This is a method created and refined by DogStar Training NJ over 10 years to produce a reliable return of your dog when you ask for it. Check out the video demonstration on YouTube under DogStar Training NJ "Click & Come!

Is your dog fearful of new and unusual situations, people or experiences? Does she hide or carry on when she sees strange dogs or people? Would you like to see him more confident when confronted with "scary" things?

This program is for you! In addition to teaching techniques for your dog to learn to focus on you when sh'e frightened we offer a range of confidence building activities and experiences including being around "stable" dogs who will help your dog understand that all other dogs aren't to be feared.

4 Week Mini Sessions

•Loose Leash Walking - stop the constant tug of war with your dog while you're walking this course can help you better enjoy you walks together
•Recall - If your dog doesn't come reliability when you call her, this course can help you get better attention and response from your dog

Puppy Bright Start

If your puppy is under 6 months or is a new addition to your home between 6 and 9 months old, this is the program for you. We will cover all the basics - house training, teething, introduction to leash walking and basic commands.

Once you complete this program your puppy will be prepared to earn her first AKC title and become a S.T.A.R. Puppy.

Puppy II - The Next Step

For puppies that have completed Puppy Bright Start or your puppy can be come in for an evaluation to see if they're ready for the next step. We will build on the basic skills from Puppy Bright Start and add some fun and challenging new activities that will enhance your puppy's confidence, socialization and love of learning.

Polite Pet- 5 Commands Every Dog Should Know

Are you grappling with a rowdy adolescent? If your dog is between 9 months and 2 years or is a newly adopted adult dog and you want the dog that walks politely, doesn't dash out the door or jump on your guests then the Polite Pet program is what you are looking for. The 5 Commands Every Dog Should Know will start you both on a great life together.

This is a Basic Obedience class.

Polite Pet II

In Polite Pet I your dog learned basic manners and skills, now make your dog the one your friends and neighbors wish they have. In POLITE PET II your dog's leash manners will be fine-tuned using fun activities from Intro To Agility and Rally-O (think of Rally-O as a moving game of Simon Sez for you and your dog). If your dog earned a Polite Pet certificate from DogStar Training NJ take 15% off the cost of this course.

Canine Good Citizen

Is your dog a good citizen? Does he know how to behave when meeting new people or dogs? Canine Good Citizen builds and expands on Polite Pet and includes a variety of social skills and impulse control. Your dog will have solid obedience training and will be a joy to live with. At the completion of this course you dog will be ready to test for the AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title.

AKC Canine Community

Has your dog already earned a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title, congratulations! Now is the time to take it to the next level and add the Canine Community title (CGCA). This is a fun 6 week course that will fine tune your CGC skills. If your dog earned CGC at DogStar Training NJ take 15% off the cost of this course.

Therapy Dog Training

DogStar Training NJ is proud to offer therapy dog training and evaluation with Bright & Beautiful Therapy dogs Inc. You can now share the wonderful companionship and joy your dog brings to you with other who are confined to hospitals, nursing homes and many other settings where the gifts that well trained and behaved dogs bring are so appreciated.

Prerequisite: To test for therapy dog training your dog must be at least a year old, and have completed either Polite Pet or Canine Good Citizen class.

Get Ready to Go Off Leash!

Getting off leash reliability requires strong bonding, good focus and practice. Using clicker or marker words you will practice getting and keeping your dog's attention and be able to get him to respond to your off lead or on. Once your dog has mastered the skills of Polite Pet, Canine Good Citizen or Therapy Dog training, take it to the next level with Off Lead Obedience.

Managing a Multi-Dog Household

Sharing your home with more than one dog is loads of fun but there are also special challenges. If you have or are planning on having two or more dogs let me help you and your dogs learn the skills to peacefully live together.

I have been managing my own multi-dog household for many years and with different breeds, different ages and different temperaments I can help you too.

Trick Training

Trick Training

fun and stimulating activities for dogs with basic obedience skills

If your dog has basic obedience skills and you want to have some fun and amaze your friends with how clever your dog is, join Trick Training class for Dogs. You can now earn AKC Trick Dog Titles through this program!

There are four levels from beginner to advanced to suit your dog.

Hand Signals Only

If your dog responds to the commands SIT, DOWN, STAY and COME join the fun in this 4 week program for you and your dog to learn to communicate wordlessly.

Kids and Canines for handlers 10-16

Including scouts wishing to earn merit badges

Did you finally give in and get that puppy or dog your child has been asking for? Did he also promise to take care of the pup?

This is the program you, your child and your dog will love! As long as your son or daughter is big enough to handle the size of the dog he or she will do all the training with me and your dog. We will cover basic skills and commands as well as appropriate treatment and play with the dog.

There is no better way to create that strong and enjoyable bond every kid wants to have with their dog. Scheduled as requested, contact us for details.

Follow Your Nose

What do dogs love to do, SNIFF or course.

Join in a fun new dog sport that requires no previous training, no special equipment, is open to all dogs and handlers regardless of age, ability/disability, shy or excitable dogs. Follow Your Nose teaches your dog to focus her attention and work as a team with you. It accomplishes in 10 minutes what a 20 minute walk in all kinds of weather does.

Follow Your Nose is a senting program where your dog gets to "hunt" for a variety of scents that are only limited by your imagination.

Let's Fix The Problem

This is YOUR custom designed program. If you are having one or two specific issue with your dog DogStar Training NJ can create a program to address just your needs. This is a private in-store program that can be from 6 to 8 (or more 1 hour weekly sessions). Length and cost will depend on your needs. Contact us for details.


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